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FA Statement: Safety of artificial 3G pitches in the UK


Below is a copy of a statement published by the FA in relation to the safety of 3G pitches. Click Here to view the article on Th FA website

The FA adheres to the latest independent evidence that indicates that 3G pitches in the UK, which are built to industry-standard specifications, are safe. 

From time-to-time, concerns are raised in the media as to the safety or environmental risks associated with these pitches and their constituent parts, commonly crumb rubber.

The numerous scientific studies conducted by government agencies around the world, and undertaken by independent experts, have all validated the human health and environmental safety of 3G pitches and crumb rubber.

Third generation artificial turf is recognised as a durable, safe, year-round playing surface, able to withstand regular use and all kinds of weather.

It enables significant increases in sports participation, ensuring far more individuals and communities benefit from all of the associated social and health benefits of physical activity.


Updated: February 24, 2016 — 3:23 pm
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