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The Importance of Match Reporting

Useful Information from Rules Secretary Craig Gorton:


Match Reporting via FULL-TIME

The purpose of this blog is to remind all managers of their responsibility around match reporting and highlight some of the reasons why this is important.

FULL-TIME is the FA provided platform that the League has adopted as the platform to manage League fixtures. The League Management Committee consider FULL-TIME to be the definitive record for results and team sheets for League fixtures.

There are several League Rules around reporting all managers should be aware of:

  1. (A) The (results) Secretary must receive within Three days of the date played, the result of each Competition match in the prescribed manner. This must include the forename(s) and surname of the team players and also the Referee markings required by Rule 13, or any other information required by the Competition. Failure to do so will incur a fine of £10 and/or the Club being dealt with as the Management Committee decide.

(B) Both clubs shall update fulltime with the result of each match by 7pm on the day of the match. Clubs in default shall be fined £10.

(F) Each Club shall award marks out of 99 for sportsmanship of the opposition which will be returned to the League on A maximum of 33 marks shall be awarded for the sportsmanship of the team players, a maximum of 33 for the sporting performance of the Club officials (manager, coach etc.) and 33 for spectators. Clubs failing to comply with this rule shall be liable to a fine as per rule 11(a) or dealt with as the Management Committee shall determine. Clubs awarding a mark of 50 or less shall submit a written report to the League Secretary explaining the reasons for such award. The Management Committee may also request a report to be submitted if the mark awarded is of interest.

Teams receiving consistent low marks shall be reported to their Club by the League Management Committee. The Club shall be given 14 days to report back to the League Management Committee any action they have taken to correct the situation. Clubs failing to take appropriate action may be subject to disciplinary procedure under rule 17(B).

13 (H) Each Club shall, in a manner prescribed from time to time by The Football Association, award marks to the Referee for each match and the name of the Referee and the marks awarded shall be submitted to the Competition on the prescribed Form provided. Clubs failing to comply with this Rule shall be liable to be fined or dealt with as the Management Committee shall determine.

Where a mark of 50 or lower is awarded, the club must submit a match report explaining the mark. The Management Committee may also request a report to be submitted if the mark awarded is of interest. Clubs failing to comply with this Rule shall be liable to be fined of £10 or dealt with as the Management Committee shall determine.

To summarise, for each League fixture, the team manger needs to supply the final result, the Referee mark, Sporting mark, the Respect information & the details of the players who participated in that fixture.

The first key piece of data required is the result of the match, there are 2 requirements in the rules, the result to be entered into FULL-TIME within 3 hours and the result & team sheet to be entered into FULL-TIME within 3 days.

All managers should receive a text from FULL-TIME on the day of the fixture, this allows you to easily fulfil the 3 hour requirement, of course if you plan to enter details into the FULL-TIME web-site shortly after your fixture finishes then this will meet both criteria.

Even if you are in a younger age group playing development matches, you should still provide the match result, although it is not published on FULL-TIME the League does require notification that a fixture was played.

Log in into FULL-TIME with your team login and select the Results / Stats button:


You are then able to enter the result, Referee Mark (out of 100) and Sporting Mark (out of 99)

craig 2

You will then have to enter the Respect information that the League collects to monitor the support of the FA Respect Program.

craig 3

Finally you will be able to enter your team sheet for the fixture, this is completed by ticking either ‘Started’ or ‘Rolling Sub On’ for all the players that participated in the fixture.

craig 4

FULL-TIME allows you to collect various stats such as ‘Player of the Match’, ‘Captain’ etc. You can choose to enter this information for your own use, there is no League requirement for any of these additional pieces of information to be reported.

Why is accurate reporting of data important?

One reason is player eligibility, if you are fortunate to be involved in a League Cup semi-final, final or a League playoff game then there is a requirement for all players to have played 4 games.

8 (N) A player shall not be eligible to play for a team in any special championship, promotion or relegation deciding match (as specified in Rule 12(A)) unless the player has played Four games for that team in this Competition in the current season.

 For this competition this includes Semi-finals and finals of the cup competition where a player shall not be eligible to play unless the player has played four or more league games or cup games for that team in the North Wiltshire Youth Football League in the current season.

A player can only play up for a maximum of three games in any one season irrelevant of competition and can only play up for a single team. Playing up is limited to the club the player is registered to.

The League management will use FULL-TIME as the source of data for these checks, if you forgot to include a player for a match and they are not in FULL-TIME then they did not play in that match, that match will not count towards the eligibility count.

Another scenario is a team trying to register a player after the deadline, the League management committee will use FULL-TIME to validate possible reasons that have been given to support such a request.

The Sporting Marks and Respect data is used by the League management committee over the course of the season to monitor for issues with the League, the data is also used to determine the winners of the Sportsmanship and Respect awards presented at the AGM.

So please enter your required data in a timely and accurate manner.

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