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The new season, some quick reminders…

Ahead of the start of the new season the League Management committee would like to welcome all our new Managers to the League, and remind all Managers of the various other tasks that need to be completed by Teams to ensure that the League runs smoothly for all.



  • Up until 2 weeks before the match, ensure that FULL-TIME has the correct venue and KO time. If something needs correcting the please email to get the changes made.
  • 5 days before the match the Home team need to contact the Opposition Manager & Referee (if assigned) and confirm the fixture. The ‘Club Contacts List 2017-18’ is available on the website, under ‘Useful Links’.
  • Ensure that all your squad is showing in FULL-TIME, a player is not eligible to play in a fixture until their name appears in the Registered Players list for the fixture.

Match Day

  • If you are the home team, ensure that the pitch has goal nets and corner flags and that you have 2 league approved match balls.
  • Enjoy the game.
  • Both teams must notify the League of the result via FULL-TIME by 7pm on the day of the match. The easiest way to do this is to reply to the FULL-TIME SMS you would have received during the game. If you didn’t receive a SMS then the League may not have the correct Mobile number, please email to get the number checked.


  • Within 3 days of the date played, you need to enter a team sheet and various Respect / Sportsmanship & Referee marks. This is all done by logging into FULL-TEAM with you Team Admin login and entering the results for your latest fixture.

Each Team shall award marks out of 99 for Sportsmanship of the opposition. A maximum of 33 marks shall be awarded for the sportsmanship of the team players, a maximum of 33 for the sporting performance of the Club officials (manager, coach etc.) and 33 for spectators.

Each Team shall award marks out of 100 for the Referee. The mark awarded by a club must be based on the Referee’s overall performance. It is most important that the mark is awarded fairly and not based upon isolated incidents or previous games. The Referee’s performance should be determined by the table below which should act as a guide for the overall mark which should fall within the mark range for each standard of performance.

100-86 The Referee demonstrated very accurate decision-making and controlled the game very well using management and communication skills effectively to add value to the game.

85-76 The Referee demonstrated accurate decision-making and controlled the game well using management and communication skills to contribute positively to the game.

75-61 The Referee demonstrated reasonably accurate decision-making and despite some shortcomings generally controlled the game well.

60 and below The Referee demonstrated shortcomings in the accuracy of decision-making and control which affected the game.

NWYFL Cup Sponsors

U12 NWYFL Cup Sponsor:  Swindon Town FC Community Foundation

U13 NWYFL Cup Sponsor:  Your Sport Swindon

U14 NWYFL Cup Sponsor:  Steve Hale Goalkeeping School

U15 NWYFL Cup Sponsor:  Big Yellow Self Storage

U16 NWYFL Cup Sponsor: STEP Swindon

U18 NWYFL Cup Sponsor: M.E.C.A Swindon

Updated: June 22, 2018 — 10:51 am
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