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2019/20 Season Conclusion

On Thursday the FA Council ratified the earlier decision to conclude the grassroots football season (

We are all disappointed that the season has not been able to be concluded in the normal manner, but against the bigger challenges that world is currently faced with, Youth Football is relatively insignificant at this time.

If you have already lost family or friends then we send our condolences.

So against this backdrop, the Management Committee had to decide on the best way to bring the NWYFL 2019-20 season to an end. After much discussion we have decided to cease the season just as it is at this time. The League and Cup Competitions will end as they are and will not be completed. We looked at a number of ways to artificially conclude the League, but across the 21 divisions some are nearly complete, others are not yet half way through their fixtures, there is no good or fair way to do it, so the decision is to not to attempt to.

For the teams that have already mathematically finished 1st or 2nd in their respective Divisions, the league will recognise those winners and runners up.

So we would like to congratulate the following teams:

U12 Division 2

1 Wroughton Youth FC White

2 FC Abbey Meads Youth Blue

U13 Division 4

1 Fairford Youth

U17/18 Division 2

1 Blunsdon Youth FC

2 Wootton Bassett Town Youth Yellow

All remaining fixtures have been postponed and in time will be cancelled, FULL-TIME will be left as it is so that it documents what is a unique one-off season, hopefully never to be repeated.

I’m sure that there will be teams that are disappointed with the decisions we have made, but they are the final decisions and they were not made without considering a lot of options.

Let’s draw a line under the 2019-20 season, and move on to planning the 2020-21 season. Until then please keep yourself safe and follow the guidance.

Craig Gorton | League Secretary |

North Wilts Youth Football League


1. Why has the League chosen to end all League cup competitions this early, when there is a chance that current Government restrictions will be lifted before the end of June?

The FA has been very clear on this:

“All grassroots football is now concluded for the 2019-20 season.”

So in line with that instruction, all NWYFL competitions have ceased.

2. Why not award points for all remaining league fixtures to ensure that there is a confirmed position for each team playing in the League?

We have some Divisions that are close to concluding, whilst others still have half their fixtures to be played. Therefore we do not believe that either using ‘average points per match’ or marking all remaining games as 0-0 would be a fair way to reach a ‘completed’ season.

The League has no automatic promotion or relegation between Divisions. Before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) the League Committee place teams into a Division that is most likely to suit their ability, this is then agreed and voted on by all Clubs present at the AGM. So the Management Committee does not require a ‘completed’ season to be able to perform this activity.

3. Will the League refund Clubs for any charges issued this season?

Charges issued during the season are for offences that teams have already happened, the fact that the season has been ceased does not alter that fact that the offence occurred and so there will be no refunds.

4. Do we still have to pay outstanding League Charges?

Yes, any outstanding charges need to be paid.

5. Regarding the new season, will the League offer a reduction in League Fees?

Yes, the League Management Committee is proposing a £30 reduction in the Team fees for the 2020-21 season, this will be subject to the Clubs voting for this at the AGM.

The TEAM ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION for 2019-20 was £55 for all formats (Mini-soccer, 9-9 & 11v11), for 2020-21 it would be £25

6. If a club is struggling financially because of how this season has ended, will there be any special dispensation to allow clubs to join without having to pay League Fees up front?

The League Management Committee are very conscious that some Clubs may be struggling financially, this may be due to losing the opportunity to hold an end of season tournament or other fundraising activity, or the lack of player subscriptions etc. The close season is an expensive period for Clubs with County FA Affiliation and Insurance costs on top of the League entry costs, if a Club is struggling then please let us know and we will investigate ways to help defer cost etc. The Management Committee do not want to lose any Club from the League.

7. End of Season Events

The back end of the season would usually be a busy time for the League but with the decisions that have been taken the following events are cancelled:

28th April Mini Soccer Finals

24th & 25th May League Cup Finals

5th July NWYFL Presentation Day

The League AGM will be held on the 25th June as previously agreed at the last AGM, if social distancing remains in place then this will be held on-line via WebEx. Further details regarding the AGM will be sent to all Club Secretaries nearer the time.

NWYFL Cup Sponsors

U12 NWYFL Cup Sponsor:  Swindon Town FC Community Foundation

U13 NWYFL Cup Sponsor:  Your Sport Swindon

U14 NWYFL Cup Sponsor:  Steve Hale Goalkeeping School

U15 NWYFL Cup Sponsor:  Big Yellow Self Storage

U16 NWYFL Cup Sponsor: STEP Swindon

U18 NWYFL Cup Sponsor: M.E.C.A Swindon

Updated: April 13, 2020 — 8:39 pm
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