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Referee – Match Result

Please complete the below form to submit your Match Result Card…

If you are not able to use the below from then please use this document.


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Referee’s please enter marks below out of 100, (100 Being the Highest), in the case that you have entered 50 or below in any of the boxes below please explain in the remarks box why a low score was entered.


Home team:
Home team - goals scored:
Home team - Sportsmanship mark:
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Home team - managers mark:
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Home team - cautions:
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Home team - First aid?:


Away team:
Away team - goals scored:
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Away team - Assistant referee mark:
Away team - managers mark:
Away team - supporters mark:
Away team - cautions:
Away team - dismissals:
Away team - Sent to the County FA?:
Away team - Technical area?:
Away team - First aid?:

Additional Information
The Wiltshire F.A. are now asking all referees to report all Cautions; Sending offs and Misconduct reports via The Whole Game system (WGS) portal which can be accessed via the following link:

To use the WGS discipline reporting portal you will need your FAN number or email address, and your FA password. If you do not know you’re FAN or password then please contact Kevin Small at

Referees are required to report to the league:
Reasons for Late Kick-offs, Lack of Provision of Club Assistant Referee, Condition of Field of Play, Lack of facilities, not receiving the match fee before the game, Short-handed Teams etc should be reported in Remarks Box.

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